Pharma Franchise for Antacid Medicine Range

Pharma Franchise for Antacid Medicine Range – Integral Lifesciences brings you superior quality Proton pump inhibitor, H2 Antagonist, Acid Neutralizers that are effective on heartburn, and indigestion like problems. The Pharma Franchise for Antacid Medicine Range can be a good option for a flourishing business in future. We avail the medicines in the form of chewable tablets, liquid, and powder for monopoly distribution.

Our accreditation from ISO, CGMP and WHO makes us the leading Pharma Company in India. We specialize in manufacturing Antiacid medicines and offer Pharma franchise for Antacids Medicine Range at affordable rates. DCGI approves the quality of medicines that we manufacture. The market for antiacid medicines is anticipated to be on the rise in the upcoming years. So, the investment in the Antiacid medicines range could be beneficial to you.

Pharma Franchise for Antacid Medicine Range

To know more about our franchise deals in different drug segments, contact us at +91-9041800166. You can even send us an email at for more queries. We assure you to have on time medicines with free of cost promotional backups.

Why Should Invest in Antacid Medicines for Pharma Franchise Business?

Antacids are medicines that neutralize or slows down the reaction of acid in the stomach to relieve indigestion and heartburn. This medication is used to treat the symptoms of too much acid causing problems such as stomach upset, heartburn, and acid indigestion. It is also effective on symptoms like extra gas causing belching, bloating, and feelings of discomfort in the stomach. Availability of OTC antacids medicines and their common usage are also driving this market to the top.

  • The Antacids Market is expected to grow at a CAGR of approximately 3.7%.
  •  The growth of the antacids medicine market is basically driven by changing dietary habits and the growing geriatric population worldwide.
  • Along with these other factors such as poor lifestyle choices, and side effects of drugs like non-steroidal or anti-inflammatory drugs will also contribute to the growth of the antacids market.

The franchise business for these medicines could be a beneficial decision. Integral Lifescience brings you superior quality pharma products for the franchise business.

Integral Lifesciences – The Leading Antacid Franchise Company in India

We are dedicated to meet the need of the pharmaceutical industry and the patients on the ground level. The Passion for the brand image and innovation in bringing the new medicines are leading us to the top for the franchise business. We offer the Pharma Franchise opportunity for more than 300 pharma products that are approved by DCGI and WHO. The medicines available here are safe, pure and effective in nature. The features that make us the best in the industry are:

  • Our Quality Assurance: We follow international standards like ISO- GMP for the manufacturing of pharma products. DCGI and WHO approve the quality of our medicines. So, we offer quality assured medicines for the franchise business.
  • Quick Delivery Support: We are bound to provide the medicines on time with over the counter services.
  • Free of Cost Marketing Support: The company offers marketing support and promotional gifts with no extra charges. They are helpful to have good business experience.

The changing dietary habits, increasing incidence of heartburn, acidity, and growing geriatric population worldwide are stoking growth of the worldwide market for antacids. For You, antacid business deal is a good opportunity for more growth and profits!.

Why Choose Integral LifeSciences for the Pharma Franchise Business in Antacid Range?

Integral Lifesciences brings you a wide range of medicine range for the franchise business. Being an ISO certified company, we strive to bring health result among the general masses. We offer business opportunities throughout the nation for the various drug segments. We have a profound name in franchise business because of transparent deals with our associates. The reasons to chose us as franchise business associates are:

  • Our accreditation from ISO and WHO units.
  • Availability of medicines and products that are DCGI approved.
  • Reasonable and competitive rates of medicines even on bulk demand.
  • Marketing support and Promotional Tools for better business experience.
  • Timely delivery with over the counter services.
  • Exclusive Monopoly rights of Distribution, and many more!

Join us to have ethical and economical franchise deals. For more information, Contact us Now!

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